Chrissy Rotermund

Board Member, Natural Lifemanship Trained

For as long as Chrissy can remember horses and people have been her passion.   Being around them both and   understanding what makes them tick is what lights her up.   She grew up in a large family in upstate New York.   Her neighbors owned horses and she couldn't get enough of them.   Some things never change!

Chrissy has always excelled in sales and marketing.   It comes easy for her when she believes in what she is selling.   She sees it as helping people acquire what they need by giving them the pertinent information. 

Chrissy knows firsthand how powerfully healing horses can be.   She is so excited to use her sales and marketing skills as a way to be a part of something that  brings her two passions together to benefit people.  

Claudia Bolton

Board Member, Natural Lifemanship Trained

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world"  Mahatma Ghandi

Claudia's life work has been about sharing her experience, passion and values to assist individuals with developmental disabilities to live the lives they want as valued, participating members of the community. 

Claudia is the CEO and Executive Director of NorthStar Services, a supported living agency supporting individuals to live in their own home in several rural counties surrounding Sacramento and in Fort Bragg on the Mendocino Coast.  

Claudia is also a founder of CIRCL, Connections for Information and Resources on Community Living.  In this capacity, she provides consultation to supported living agencies, regional centers, individuals and families throughout the state.   She is also a Mentor for the Learning Community for Person Centered Practices. 

Claudia has been a passionate student of Natural Horsemanship for the past 20 years and has personal experience with the healing power of horses.  She joined the Windows To My Soul board to bring awareness to the field of EAL and EAP of people with developmental disabilities whose therapeutic needs often go unserved.   Fortunate enough to have many generous and inspiring mentors, Claudia now offers mentorship to the Windows To My Soul team in the areas of person centered practices and services to people with developmental disabilities. 

Richard Cramer

Board Member

Richard Cramer is currently the Chief Healthcare Strategist for Informatica, the global leader in data management solutions that help companies gain insight from vast amounts of enterprise and public data. He is a 20-year veteran of the healthcare industry, having spent time in senior technology leadership roles at The University of Pennsylvania Health System and UMass Memorial Health Care, as well as leading healthcare market and product strategy for SeeBeyond (acquired by Oracle) and Informatica. Richard is a frequent speaker on innovation in healthcare analytics and next generation data management strategies that allow organizations to get the most out of their data assets, quickly. Richard graduated from the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs with a degree in Computer Science, and is a private pilot and flies gliders for fun outside of work.

Richard joined the Windows To My Soul board because of his passion to support fellow veterans.   

Lee Abramson

Treasurer of the Board

Lee will capitalize on his educational background in accounting and finance to provide financial guidance and serve as treasurer.  Lee's motivation to join the board of Windows To My Soul is that he loves his wife and her best friend Cindy Skelton-Hodge dearly and is always willing to support them in any way he can.

Lee has spent his career in the high tech market sector in a variety of both domestic and international roles in marketing, customer service, partnerships, strategic planning and business development.   In addition, Lee has a great deal of experience as a small business owner growing a retail business from the ground up. 

Lee has spent years serving his community through Scouting.  As an Eagle Scout, he has given back to Scouting as an adult volunteer as Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, and a number of other roles helping young men become future leaders.  

Cindy Abramson          

Secretary of the Board

Cindy knew that her lifelong friend, Cindy Skelton-Hodge, was destined to share her passion and sense of purpose to help others.   Cindy's role in her friend's destiny was encouragement,  support, start-up guidance and a place on the Board of Windows To My Soul.   

Cindy brings more than two decades of executive management and consulting experience for corporations, emerging growth and start-up companies in both the private sector and the non-profit sector.  She is currently Vice President of Professional Services at Samasource, a non-profit organization that connects marginalized women and youth to dignified work via the internet all over the world.   In this role, Cindy is responsible for managing and expanding the global delivery team and the delivery center network.   Prior to Samasource, Cindy worked for Exponent Partners, a certified B-Corp, where she led a start-up division for the Human Services non-profit market sector.   

Cindy was also instrumental in the development of and served as a board member for the Walnut Creek Education Foundation which funds music, art, physical education, and other services for the public schools.   

Cindy is looking forward to using her business acumen to support and help grow Windows To My Soul.   

Cindy Skelton-Hodge

Founder, President, EAGALA Certified, Natural Lifemanship Trained,                 Equine Specialist

In 2002 Cindy's husband, Lee, gave her a gift of horseback riding lessons for Valentine's Day.  Despite many wonderful gifts from her husband, including a sports car, this remains the most treasured gift of all.   Cindy was reunited with her childhood passion for horses and set out to change their lives forever. 

With a move from Silicon Valley in August of 2002 to the Sierra Foothills the dream started to unfold and Cindy retired as a technology executive in 2005.   She sold the car, built a barn and soon after the first two horses, Bugsy and Magic, joined the family.    With the addition of  the equine family members, Cindy discovered the healing power of horses by caring for them,  learning how to ride and play with them and just being in their presence.   This experience led her to acknowledge the difficult and tragic parts of her childhood and the healing began.   Improvements in self-esteem, self-confidence, relationships, connection and sense of community accompanied the healing.

It was through this healing that a passion and sense of purpose was born.   She wanted to help others heal and connect with the power of who they are and the purpose in which they are meant to live.   With the help and encouragement of dear friends Windows To My Soul was founded as the vehicle to share her passion and purpose.  Cindy has spent the past eight years accumulating more than 600 hours of education on  horse behavior and horsemanship  and more than 6,000 hours of the experience required  to acquire her EAGALA Equine Specialist certification.