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​A Challenge From Judith Snow - Inclusion Advocate

"Look around yourself for an opportunity to enter into a relationship with someone who has been exiled.   Act on the faith that this person has dreams and hopes much like your own and that this person has meaning in her or his life that can be conveyed to you and that has the power to enrich your life and the lives of others.  

Understand that this person may be the bearer of a deep and creative dream. Bend your will and inner and outer ear to listen to this dream.   Walk into the daily activities and environments of life with this person as dream and reality interact in a creative dance that expresses the meaning of life.  

​Try this an may you rejoice in all that you create together. "

Difficult Facts

Individuals with development disabilities (IDD) experience trauma at a higher rate than the population without disabilities. Living and coping with a developmental disability poses substantial challenges and potential trauma in and of itself. Research consistently shows that women with disabilities, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or class are assaulted, raped and abused at double the rate of women without disabilities.1 The risk of being physically assaulted for an adult with a developmental disabilities is 4 to 10 times greater than that for other adults.2 People with disabilities are 4 to 10 time more likely to be victims of a crime.​3

Windows To My Soul offers services to help individuals with developmental disabilities (IDD) heal from traumatic events. We also empower them with skills and strategies that can reduce the likelihood of them being abused and victimized.

A Program for Individuals with Development Disabilities 

How We Help

While the IDD population experiences the same depth and breadth of emotion as those without a developmental disability, Psychotherapy and Personal Development Programs for individuals with developmental disabilities are rare.  Communication barriers are often the cause of this lack of important services, but experiential therapy with horses gives us an opportunity to overcome those barriers by working with the universally understood form of communication; body language.  This unique and effective form of therapy has been shown to have numerous benefits including:

  • Building relationship skills with self, family, friends and community
  • Building positive coping skills
  • Developing independence
  • Learning assertiveness, decision making skills and self-advocacy
  • Learning boundaries, communication skills
  • Eliminating self-harm
  • Discovering playfulness and joy

​Windows To My Soul offers a team approach working with those involved in the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities. This team can include staff from an agency providing support, other professional service providers, or the individual’s family members. Goals are created with the individual themselves and by incorporating information provided by those involved in their support. Working together in this manner allows us to take a person-centered approach towards achieving each individual’s goals for a thriving healthy life.