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"As a woman combat veteran, I have been given the tools at the VA such as group and talk therapy. I practiced a lot! I just couldn't hack the new neuro-pathways of thinking in my brain to affect any REAL change. I needed to "experience it.  

Depression, panic attacks and health issues progressed. PTSD was winning.  It was stealing my power. But here, at Windows To My Soul, on this sacred ground you are celebrating on tonight, in this arena surrounded by trees,  I'm getting it back! Confidence, trust, even hope!

In three months of this program and this approach, this team is effecting more change in me than I have felt in years.  

Seven is my lucky number and with the help of these three astounding equine expert therapists, one wise donkey (named compassion,) and two very intuitive women, Cindy & Stephanie, with their own special skill sets of quiet guidance, well that adds up to this: 1 veteran is back in the game.

All thanks to Windows To My Soul."

All proceeds benefit Windows To My Soul. 

501(c)(3) charitable organization | Tax ID: 46-3598122

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