Taking a person-centered approach towards achieving each individual's goals

Windows To My Soul offers services to help individuals with developmental disabilities (IDD) heal from traumatic events. We also empower them with skills and strategies that can reduce the likelihood of them being abused and victimized.

While individuals with developmental disabilities experience the same depth and breadth of emotion as those without a developmental disability, psychotherapy and personal development programs for individuals with developmental disabilities are rare. Communication barriers are often the cause of this lack of important services, but experiential therapy with horses gives us an opportunity to overcome those barriers by working with the universally understood form of communication; body language. 

This unique and effective form of therapy has been shown to have numerous benefits including:
  • Building relationship skills with self, family, friends, and community

  • Building positive coping skills

  • Developing independence

  • Learning assertiveness, decision making skills and self-advocacy

  • Learning boundaries, communications skills

  • Discovering playfulness and joy

  • Eliminating self-harm