Connecting With Your Resilience

Windows To My Soul is collaborating with Jill Gustafson, LCSW to deliver retreats for First Responders that address the often overwhelming emotional and psychological symptoms that are a result of protecting and serving as a First Responder.  Exposure to this type of high stress work environment can take a life altering toll on First Responders and their families. Goals of these retreats include processing traumatic events, educating participants on the neurobiological effects of long term cumulative exposure to trauma, provide tools and guidance to calm the neurobiological systems, as well as provide experiences that will help participants reconnect to their relationships, communities, and life.

Topics for this retreat include:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Relationship Problems (focus on spouse and children)

  • Anger

  • Frustration

  • Sleep Problems

  • Administrative Betrayal

  • And Other Issues Associated With Being Involved In One Or MultipleTraumatic Events

We currently offer 3 types of retreats: a 3-Day or 5-Day Retreat, a 1-Day Intensive, and a Spouses/Partners Retreat. Click the boxes below for more information.

1-Day Intensive
Spouses Retreat
3-Day and 5-Day Retreats

For sponsors and donors who would like an opportunity to tour the Windows To My Soul facility and learn more about our methodology and services, we offer 2-Hour Donor Tours. This tour is designed to provide a deeper understanding of what we do, why we do it, and why we are effective.

Discussion during the tour includes:

  • A Brief History Of Windows To My Soul – Our Current Organization – The Clients We Serve

  • What is Equine Assisted Therapy

  • Why Horses

  • The Models We Practice & Why We Chose Them

  • Our Core Principals

  • Our Mission

  • Our Services-individual sessions, First Responder retreats, mentorship programs

  • Our Fundraisers

Some of the therapy methods we utilize will be explained with a brief demonstration, and we’ll take a walking tour of the grounds. For more information about the tours or upcoming tour dates, please call (530) 620-2760 or click here to send an email.


For those who are interested in a hands-on experience to learn more about Windows To My Soul, we offer one-day intensive informational workshops. This is an informal event covering topics including:

  • Why Equine Assisted Psychotherapy?

  • Neurobiology of trauma

  • Models we use (Natural Lifemanship vs EAGALA)

  • Groundwork with horses

  • Rhythmic Riding demonstration

     ...and more!

Please bring a bag lunch.  Snacks, fruit, bottled water, and hot beverages will be provided. For more information about the workshops or upcoming workshop dates, please call (530) 620-2760 or click here to send an email.